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We present NEW Bitcoin Game Faucet with Bitcoin Daily Payouts and many incredible features such as cryptocurrency staking on the same platform and good Cashback percentages. This bitcoin casino has a dividend system that for every bet we make on the platform, we receive unique betfury tokens and every day we receive dividends from those tokens.

Betfury is a decentralized I-Gaming platform founded in 2019 and developed using the TRON (TRX) blockchain ecosystem. By using blockchain technology, this platform guarantees you a completely transparent and totally fair gaming experience.

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To create your account is a very simple and fast process, it is also completely free, we can really start earning Bitcoin on this platform for free. Register from the following link:

You can create an account in a classic and simple way, that is, by entering an email and a password, or if you prefer you can create it by linking your Google account.

How to earn Free Bitcoin with Betfury?

To begin we will highlight the most popular functionality of this Bitcoin gaming platform and it is the possibility to claim Bitcoin (satoshis) every 20 minutes for free as a Bitcoin Faucet.

All registered users have the opportunity to get free BTC every 20 minutes. This Free Box is constantly replenished with satoshis so after 20 minutes, these satoshis can be removed. Just press “Withdraw”, fill out a Captcha and you will immediately receive BTC in your game balance.

Come back every 20 minutes for a new Free Spin and win up to 360 Satoshi per day.

Betfury investment boxes

Another incredible feature is the way to get more profit buying investment boxes. These types of boxes have an initial cost and a fixed return established for a certain period of time.

Each new Box is an exclusive offer with a limited term and conditions. You should be on the lookout for BetFury not to miss out on new Special Boxes with special opportunities.

Boxes bought, waiting for the return on investment with %.

You can withdraw the full amount +% after the period ends or withdraw the expected total amount with% in parts. The BetFury team guarantees that they will return all invested funds +% at the end of the term of the box you buy.

Staking Betfury Tokens(BFG)

BetFury offers two tokens that you can passively obtain simply by playing their games (In-House and Slots). Automatically, for each bet made in any of the games offered you will receive (BFG) BTC/TRX token (BTC if you deposit and play using bitcoins or TRX.

If you are a concurrent player of games of chance, without a doubt the dividends of BetFury is a wonder to stand out on this platform to play and bet. You will start receiving daily dividends when you have at least 10 BFG tokens.


Cashback or refund is the most generous functionality of crypto casino. BetFury will return you a fixed percentage of your losses in the different games available. This percentage will vary between 2% and 25% cashback depending on your level (rank) on the platform.

To rank up you simply have to play and bet on the different games available at BetFury. Entering ‘Cashback’ My Cashback ‘and clicking on’ View all ranks’ you will be able to see the requirements for ranking up.


Like most platforms, betfury also has a very exclusive referral system, with which you can invite as many people as you want and earn commissions.

  • 15% of all bets won (win) in the so-called IN-HOUSE GAMES.
  • 1.5% of all bets won (win) on SLOTS and TABLE GAMES.
  • 5% of all the BFG token mining that your referrals get in the IN-HOUSE GAMES games.
  • 20% of all withdrawals that your referrals make in the Free Box.
  • 15% of all investment fund purchases that your referrals carry out.

You will find your invitation link as well as promotional material in the ‘Referral’ menu. You will also have access to a detailed history of all the referrals they get and the total earnings from commissions.

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