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Meet now the new faucet that gives Litecoin Free every hour every day quickly and effectively. This faucet is very similar to which pays Bitcoin free every hour.

Create Account

Now to claim Litecoin free every hour, the first thing we must do is register on the page:

Register with your email address and set a password, it is very fast and easy.

Earn Litecoin Every Hour

After you have registered and after activating your account to earn Litecoin every hour, just click on ROLL and complete the respective Captcha.

Multiply your Litecoins

With this easy and provably fair game, you have a 50/50 chance of multiplying your Litecoin. All you have to decide is to bet high or low. For example: if you bet 1 Litecoin on High and you get a number greater than 50000. You win 2 Litecoin. It can also increase or decrease your chance of winning. You can change it to be as low as 1, which pays 95 times your bet, or as high as 95, which pays 0.05263158x your bet. Play faster with the hotkeys.

Earn interest on your Litecoins at

This feature is very interesting, you can receive 6% daily compound interest on any balance you have in your account, doing absolutely nothing.

Referring users to

Our Affiliate Program is a great way for you to make money by referring clients. You can use your website, blog, email or even your forum signatures to spread your unique referral link and promote us to your friends, family and co-workers. Extra income can be earned by promoting our game. You will earn half of the winnings won by your referrals. There is no limit to the number of referrals you make. Below is your unique link and the number of active referrals you have made.

You can enter through our reference link and so we can work as a team with this fascinating new Litecoin faucet.

Free-Litecoin Hacks

We have available the new Hack Scripts for Free-litecoin:

AutoRoll Hack

We now have a script available to you that will help you claim Litecoin from this fully automatic tap.

Multiply Hack

Enjoy our new Script to multiply Litecoin effectively mocking the house and generating a significant profit in Litetoshis.

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