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Refund Policy

HackBitcoinWallet products provide 15-day Money Back Guarantee

We sell our products with a 15-day money-back guarantee, but you are required to have used our product for at least 15 days in order to place a refund request.

We should also mention that we only reimburse 97-98% of your payment, because our payment processor discounts a commission for each payment.

Refund is not satisfied in the following cases:

  1. Customer has not requested technical support before submitting refund request.
  2. Customer refuses to follow instructions given by support team in order to make product to operate correctly.
  3. Customer has purchased product by mistake.

To request a refund:

Send us an e-mail with the following information:

Contact Name

The E-Mail address entered on the purchase transaction

Order reference number

Reason for refund

No further information is necessary, but we would welcome any additional comments you may have so that we may improve our products and services.

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