SatoshiBox Clone Script Leak 2020

SatoshiBox Clone Script Leak 2020

We already have the new SatoshiBox Clone leaked. Open your own online store and sell your product without a third party service.


– Sell multiple files at once

– Choose number of time you will sell your product

– Expiration of the product (Hour, Day, Week, Month)

– Add Password to your product in order to remove it anytime your want

– Set BTC or USD price for your product

– Add description for it (Optional)

– Choose fees to take for each order (Percent %)

– Choosing extension allowed for upload

– Upload multiple files

– Release payments from admin panel instead of sending automatically the payment to the seller, so you can offer a refund in case of scammers.

Admin Panel to manage products:

– You can check any product you want from Admin Panel using Product ID

– Download or Delete any product

– Statistics

– Get list of all the products uploaded

– Release / Refund payments

Coded with: PHP / MySQLi / JQuery / Javascript / CSS3


SatoshiBox Clone Script Leak 2020

  File:   satoshibox-clone-leak.rar     size: 74.1 kb

Price: ~80.00 USD
SatoshiBox Clone Script Leak 2020
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