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Most of the people start earning money by exchanging their bitcoins. And, if you are already invested in bitcoin in one way or another, cash exchanges make it easier for people to obtain bitcoins. Likewise Localbitcoins Clone Script helps to achieve you to start your own localbitcoin exchange website.

LocalBitcoins is a local peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange that lets their users buy or sell cryptocurrencies to people nearby/within their country.

To trade on the platform, a user would have to sign up for it, and once they have submitted the KYC, they can post a request to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Interested parties within the locality chosen, can then contact them if they find the price and payment methods suitable. Before making a trade as a seller, he/she needs to deposit enough cryptocurrencies to cover the amount they are willing to sell and the platform’s success fee. The Cryptowallet acts as an escrow and once the amount mentioned is paid/transferred by the buyer to the payment option agreed upon by both the buyer/seller and after both of them confirm. the Cryptocurrency from the seller’s wallet is transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

Using this LocalBitcoins clone script you can offer your users a seamless experience while purchasing or selling their bitcoins on the platform. It has all the necessary ingredients built into it for running a successful Localbitcoins like business.

How do you make money with the LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

The platform owner has various opportunities to make money through the platform.

Posting fee: The site administrator receives a commission (which can be set through the admin panel) for every request posted on the platform. It could be a buy or a sell request, the user who is posting the requirement needs to pay a percentage of the fee.

Transaction fee: Whenever there’s a successful transaction, a fee for the transaction is charged. Also when withdrawing the cryptocurrency from the site’s wallet to another wallet outside of the platform.

Banner AD Monetization:

Banner advertisements can be a fantastic source of revenue when you have a targetted audience coming to your platform. With regards to this platform, most of the audience who visit might be interested in cryptocurrency and products related to that. High paying cryptocurrency ad networks often look out for platforms that cater to these audiences.

Other monetization channels are added regularly.

What makes this LocalBitcoins Clone script different?

Since local Peer to Peer bitcoin exchange business involves dealing with people directly; if not handled properly can put the user’s privacy and safety at risk. Keeping this in mind, the business-ready LocalBitcoins Clone Script was built to incorporate all of the well thought out safety features.

The LocalBitcoins Clone Script contains all the knick-knacks required for you to run the business smoothly. It is also built with a comprehensive dispute management system that ensures everything is in order and puts the administrator fully in charge.

What are the features of the LocalBitcoins clone script?

LocalBitcoins clone script is feature packed for starting your cryptocurrency business right away!

Some of the features of the LocalBitcoins Clone script are:

Escrow Wallet

The sophisticated inbuilt wallet doubles up as cryptocurrency storage and an Escrow while the transaction is in progress. There’s one master wallet for the platform and all the users who signup get an individual virtual wallet under it. Once a transaction is in progress, the user cannot move the funds to another wallet on the platform or out of the platform.

KYC Verification

The Localbitcoins clone script has a 5 star KYC verification process. Where a user would have to upload the document, verify their phone number, photo and email.

Proximity Match

Shows open trades that are available nearby. Users who wish to sell/buy can see the feedback, payment option and safety ratings of the other buyer/seller and proceed with the trade.

GDPR Compliant

You can now display a mandated GDPR message to the user on the site.

Dispute Management

Dispute management is essential for the platform’s growth, a powerful dispute management system that has all the necessary tools for you to verify the claims by both sides is truly at your disposal.

Feedback and review Mechanism

Users can provide feedback once a transaction is completed and an overall score is calculated based on a few other parameters like a response rate, feedback post the transaction, profile completeness. Transparency is key to winning the trust of the users and it makes the platform safe to use.

Slick UI

For the web: Pages load faster as we have optimized the CSS and minified the HTML.

For Mobile: Apps are bloat free and perform faster as we have used the best coding standards.

Private messaging

Before placing a buy/sell request, your users can message each other. This allows them to be sure if they want to go ahead or not.


The administrator dashboard has crucial statistics on how well the businesses is progressing and what are the pain points that need to be addressed along with the total Overall percentage of negative feedback given for trades done on the platform.

Native Apps

The Android and iOS allow your users to trade offline as well and then mark the trade as complete if they choose to pay for the cryptocurrency in person.

DEMO: Click Here

Main features

  • Bootstrap 3 responsive design
  • jQuery calculator for fast amount calculation
  • Multilanguage System
  • Support RTL languages
  • Customers can use script as own wallet system and can store their –bitcoins in script
  • Feedbacks System
  • Search System
  • Report System
  • Trade System
  • Chat system in trades with allowed file uploading (accept: png,jpg and pdf)
  • Every customer can post advertisement
  • SSQL Security (Powered by me4onkof)
  • Nice UI
  • Live notifications for new trade request
  • Sound notification for new trade request
  • Script use Wallet API to generate Bitcoin bitcoin wallet addresses, to allow send, receive and release bitcoins in trades.

BUY: Clone Script PHP/MYSQL 2020

  File:   localbitcoins_clone_script_php_mysql_2020.rar     size: 3.2 MB

Price: ~150.00 USD Clone Script PHP/MYSQL 2020

Likewise Localbitcoins Clone Script helps to achieve you to start your own localbitcoin exchange website.


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  1. How to setup the script ? is there is any video demo??

    1. Hello the script includes an instruction manual in PDF format, however we will provide 24 hour support. A greeting.

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