How to Make Money with a Bitcoin Faucet in 2020

We will see that it is a bitcoin faucet and how we can make money with one. Our main objective and that of this blog is to provide all forms of learning to earn money online. So, imagine that you can get bitcoins without buying them simply by creating your faucet.

Well, yes, as we have said, you can start earning money in bitcoins quickly and instantly. Now in 2019 you can build a faucet in 10 minutes simply by getting a Hosting and installing the WordPress CMS by running a plugin that makes this possible.

¿What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

bitcoin faucet is a website that presents small numbers of bitcoin in exchange for some task or action on the web. Usually the owners of these sites earn money by adding advertising to these sites with banners and pop-ups.

It is said that this industry represents more than 50% of the traffic on the main Bitcoin websites currently. The idea of ​​faucets is simple: visit the faucet to get a certain amount of Bitcoin and experience your first Bitcoin transaction.

How to Make Money with a Bitcoin Faucet

So let’s get straight to the point and talk about how to make money by owning a bitcoin faucet. Here we list what you will need:

1. Hire Web Hosting and Domain

The first thing you should do is choose a domain name that represents cryptocurrencies or relates as for example this: bestcoingenerator.pro and hire a web hosting service. You can do it in the following link:

Buy Domain and Hosting

2. Install WordPress on your hosting

This process can be done easily by downloading wordpress from its official download page or from the application installer of your CPanel.

Download WordPress

3. Install the Simple Bitcoin Faucet plugin

After installing wordpress now you just have to install the new Simple Bitcoin Faucet plugin that will make all the magic possible and you can run an automatic faucet on your wordpress page.

Download Simple Bitcoin Faucet Plugin

3. Add advertising to Earn Money

After having configured the plugin and running the faucet on your page, now how do you think you can make money with this? It’s simple, add advertising to your faucet, in this case we are going to recommend A-ADS the best bitcoin advertising network and the one that pays completely verified and the one that is paying the most for advertising, so be sure to introduce all those banners of this company.

Create my account in A-ADS

Is it profitable to create a bitcoin faucet?

The truth is that many people spend their free time trying to earn money online in these faucets, that is an advantage to take into account when creating your faucet since it is what you most need a good traffic of people to generate More advertising revenue. It can also be a lot of fun and can teach you a lot to run a faucet like the basic aspects of development, business and marketing of the site.

Certainly to enhance the development of a faucet, first of all it is best to invest in it, choosing a good script or paying a freelancer developer to design your faucet. Adding new features and innovating regarding functionalities and rewards can make your faucet a success.

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