Dice game strategy for Crypto Casino Wolf.bet

Today we present an effective strategy as a Cryptocurrency farming method using the method in a dice game of a Cryptocurrency casino. I utilized the specific system to make a lot of BNB with Dice on Wolf.bet.

The Content beginnings with a payout of 4.95x and adds 25.6% to the payout after each misfortune. After each Misfortune dash of 9 it switches Under and Over. This are the settings I for one utilized (Base Bet of 0.001 BNB (0.26$) with a surplus of ~7 BNB (1855$))

How to utilize this system?

Go to the Dice game on Wolf.bet and click on “Auto” close to the green Bet button. Then set up the methodology in the “Master mode” with the settings underneath.

This are the setting I utilized:

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